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臨床試験(Clinical Trials Registry/ Excepting Malignancy- Japan 2014.07/21):大学病院医療情報ネットワーク;UMIN(1)

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◆最新臨床試験/悪性腫瘍以外(Latest Clinical Trials Registry/ )Excepting Malignancy
◆試験ID/登録日(Study ID/Date of registration)
・試験簡略名 (Link)
・試験進捗状況(Recruitment status)
・Title of the study (Brief title) (Link)

UMIN000014600 2014/7/20
新型ICSI装置 (Venus, Vortex-like-movement-Evoked Nicking Upon Stick-site) の有効性の検討
・重症男性不妊または卵由来受精障害に対して顕微授精を行う不妊症  Infertility treated by ICSI for severe male infertility or fertilization failure due to oocyte problem
・ウィメンズクリニック神野 Women's Clinic Jinno
・一般募集中/Open public recruiting
A prospective, randomized study to examine effectiveness of a novel micromanipulator (Venus, Vortex-like-movement-Evoked Nicking Upon Stick-site) for intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI)

UMIN000014597 2014/7/20
Whey proteinの摂取とリハビリテーションの併用が与える影響
・大腿骨近位部骨折 hip fracture
・磐田市立総合病院 Iwata City Hospital
Effects of combination of whey protein intake and rehabilitation on muscle strength and activities of daily living (ADL) in patients with hip fracture in the early postoperative period

UMIN000014591 2014/7/20
慢性疼痛に対するTAME 第I/II相臨床試験
・保存療法に抵抗する運動器の慢性疼痛 Musculoskeletal chronic pain refractory to non-surgical management
・江戸川運動器カテーテル研究グループ Edogawa Musculoskeletal Intervention Study Group
Phase 1/2 trial of TAME(:Transcatheter arterial micro embolization) for chronic musculoskeletal pain refractory to non-surgical management

UMIN000014536 2014/7/20
・ドライアイ Dry eye
・ドライアイ研究会 Dry eye society
・一般募集中/Open public recruiting
The influence of tear film stability on visual function, accommodative microfluctuations and scattering

UMIN000014595 2014/7/18
・胃食道逆流症 Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD)
・兵庫医科大学 Hyogo College of Medicine
・参加者募集終了‐試験継続中/No longer recruiting
A Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled, Crossover Study of NSAID for the control of Acid-Induced Heartburn Symptom in Healthy Volunteers

UMIN000014593 2014/7/18
・小児呼吸不全 Acute respiratory failure in children
・加古川西市民病院 Kakogawa west city hospital
・一般募集中/Open public recruiting
The study of continuous negative pressure ventilation for acute respiratory failure in children

◆UMIN000014590 2014/7/18
・健常者 Healthy adults
・株式会社オルトメディコ ORTHOMEDICO Inc.
A trial for improving oxidative stress in tear fluid A randomized double-blind placebo-controlled parallel-group study

◆UMIN000014588 2014/7/18
・開心術 Open heart surgery
・横浜市立大学大学院医学研究科 生体制御・麻酔科学 Yokohama City University Hospital Department of Anesthesiology
・一般募集中/Open public recruiting
Usefulness of creatinine change rate by the correction value of creatinine as a predictor of acute renal failure in the thoracic and abdominal surgery

◆UMIN000014586 2014/7/18
舌圧子一体型口腔咽頭内視鏡の開発に関する研究 NTOP2013
・ICD-10コード C00-14: 口唇,口腔及び咽頭の悪性新生物 C30-32: 呼吸器及び胸腔内臓器の悪性新生物 J00-6:急性上気道感染症 J30-39:上気道その他の疾患 H60:外耳炎、H61:その他の外耳炎 H66-67:中耳炎、H71:鼓膜穿孔 H73:鼓膜炎、H74:鼓膜その他の障害 K00-K14 口腔,唾液腺及び顎の疾患 Q35-Q37 唇裂及び口蓋裂 T15-T19 自然開口部からの異物侵入の作用 Any type of condition to observe oropharynx
・国立病院機構名古屋医療センター 臨床研究センター National Hospital Organization, Nagoya Medical Center
・限定募集中/Enrolling by invitation
Cliical study for Pharyngeal Video Scope National Hospital Organization Nagoya-Tokyo Oral Pharyngeal Scopic Study 2013


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