代理出産 India Surrogacy | Part 1 of 3 - Testimonial Account of Surrogacy in India(YouTube)

2011. . 14
Medical Tourism【インド・India】
India surrogacy testimonial of US couple from Atlanta who used the services of Medical Tourism Corporation for their surrogacy Journey to India. In this video the couple discusses:
- their Background
- Why ivf & gestational Surrogacy in India
- Surrogacy Package
- Communication relating to India surrogacy
- Doctors in India
- Fears & Anxiety about deciding on surrogacy in India
- About clinic in India
- Hotel & local Transportation in India
- Why we chose to go to India for the surrogacy procedure

Affordable surrogates & Egg Donors, Cheaper IVF drugs & fertility treatment costs, friendly laws & social, religious & cultural acceptance are some of the reasons why India is a popular destination for infertile couples who have failed in IVF and other fertility attempts come to India. A valid medical reason, and legal means of taking back the child to the home country are a pre-requisite for surrogacy in India.

Medical Tourism Corporation facilitates surrogacy in leading clinics in India and around the world. Contact for more information.

投稿者: MedicalTourismCo | 作成日: 2010/03/26
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