先端整形外科手術 Advanced surgeries Americans prefer Wockhardt Hospital India(YouTube)

2011. . 12
Medical Tourism【インド・India】
Visit whosp.com - Popular TV Show Healthline examines why American patients in good numbers are now flying to India to get advanced surgeries done at Harvard Medical Associated Wockhardt Group Hospitals in India. Wockhardt hospitals are now undoubtedly remarkable milestones in the medical map of Asia. State of the art facilities equipped with latest technology and truly World class Clinical Talent dedicated to the whole range of Cardiac, Orthopedic, Neurosciences and Minimal Access Surgery. 43 million people in the US are without health insurance and the number is growing.Some Americans are choosing a different course and taking their healthcare in their own hands and outsourcing it to foreign countries like India, where one can be treated at a fraction prices at the US cost at Wockhardt Hospitals in India.

◆Advanced surgeries Americans prefer Wockhardt Hospital India
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