臨床試験(Clinical Trials Registry/ Excepting Malignancy- Japan 2014.10/01):大学病院医療情報ネットワーク;UMIN(1)まとめ

2014. . 01

◆最新臨床試験/悪性腫瘍以外(Latest Clinical Trials Registry/ )Excepting Malignancy
◆試験ID(Link)/登録日(Study ID/Date of registration)
・Official scientific title of the study

UMIN000015090 2014/10/01
・video Head Impulse Test(vHIT)を用いためまい患者の半規管機能の評価
・The role of video Head Impulse Test to evaluation of semicircular canal function in patients with vertigo

UMIN000015089 2014/10/01
・video Head Impulse Test(vHIT)を用いた半規管機能の評価:健常人での検討
・The role of video Head Impulse Test to evaluation of semicircular canal function in healthy subjects

UMIN000015086 2014/10/01
・Survey of periodontal condition in Japanese citizens

UMIN000015067 2014/10/01
・The efficacy of combination of botulinum toxin A and functional electrical stimulation in the treatment of upper limb flexor spasticity after stroke

UMIN000015016 2014/10/01
・3mm以上6mm未満の大腸ポリープ摘除に対する非通電処置のcold snare polypectomy(CSP)と通電処置のhot forceps polypectomy(Hot)の有用性と安全性に関するランダム化比較研究
・Removal of small colorectal polyps from 3 to 6mm in size: a prospective randomized comparative study about the efficacy and safety between cold snare polypectomy and hot biopsy

UMIN000014978 2014/10/01
・Reproducibility of PET measurement of metabotropic glutamate receptor subtype 5 using (E)-[11C]ABP688

UMIN000014917 2014/10/01
・Examination of efficacy and safety of negative pressure wound therapy for surgical wound in ostomy closure

UMIN000014915 2014/10/01
・Correlation analysis between pouchitis disease activity and measuring fecal concentration of calprotectin

UMIN000014875 2014/10/01
・LDL cholesterol apheresis treatment for diabetic nephropathy with severe urinary protein: a multicenter prospective study

UMIN000014839 2014/10/01
・An observation of cardiac function with transesophageal echocardiography during sitting-positioned neurosurgery

UMIN000014769 2014/10/01
・Add-on effects of tadalafil for tamsulosin treated patients with benign prostatic hyperplasia suffering from residual lower urinary tract symptoms: a randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind, crossover study

UMIN000014615 2014/10/01
・A study on the impact of exercise on non smoking continuation

UMIN000014519 2014/10/01
・Uncontrolled study of post-exposure prophylaxis for influenza by peramivir

UMIN000014157 2014/10/01
・A Nationwide Study of Esophageal Bleeding and Strictures Caused by Reflux Esophagitis

UMIN000014066 2014/10/01
・Effect of Chlorogenic Acids on Visceral Perception in Normal and Functional Dyspepsia

UMIN000013090 2014/10/01
・Actual Conditions and Prognosis of Coronary Artery Disease Patients with Implantable Defibrillator Therapy in Japan -Japan Implantable Devices in Coronary Artery Disease Study

UMIN000012510 2014/10/01
・Health enhancement effects verification by continuous intake of a lactobacillus beverage

UMIN000015296 2014/09/30
・Evaluation of the efficacy of vitrectomy with Subretinal oxiglutatione intraocular irrigating solution injection for subretinal hemorrhages

UMIN000015290 2014/09/30
・Evaluation of osteoporosis treatments in patients undergoing TKA.

UMIN000015289 2014/09/30
・Clinical trial using the urethra catheter having a function to operate on for infiltration anesthesia for urethra mucous membrane

UMIN000015288 2014/09/30
・Before-after study of efficacy of morphine for dyspnea in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease