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2011. . 06
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Medical Tourism NEWS of India 2011/6

【インド社会】「今後10年-15年以内に医療の世界ではロボット手術が標準に」―パンダ博士 アジア心臓研究所「アジア・ロボット手術バティクティ研究所(AVIRS)」を設置(7月7日 インド新聞)

インド大富豪の消費傾向、旅行と時計と「トヨタ車、ホンダ車」幹細胞保存への関心も高く(6月21日 サーチナ)

米国人 歯の治療にハンガリーへ、インド治療ツアーも大人気(3月26日 NEWSポストセブン)

インドの医療旅行産業が成長する理由(2008年11月20日 インド新聞)

インド メディカル・ツーリズム、アジア最大規模に成長(2008年11月24日 インド新聞)

代理出産 India Surrogacy | Part 1 of 3 - Testimonial Account of Surrogacy in India(YouTube)

2011. . 14
Medical Tourism【インド・India】
India surrogacy testimonial of US couple from Atlanta who used the services of Medical Tourism Corporation for their surrogacy Journey to India. In this video the couple discusses:
- their Background
- Why ivf & gestational Surrogacy in India
- Surrogacy Package
- Communication relating to India surrogacy
- Doctors in India
- Fears & Anxiety about deciding on surrogacy in India
- About clinic in India
- Hotel & local Transportation in India
- Why we chose to go to India for the surrogacy procedure

Affordable surrogates & Egg Donors, Cheaper IVF drugs & fertility treatment costs, friendly laws & social, religious & cultural acceptance are some of the reasons why India is a popular destination for infertile couples who have failed in IVF and other fertility attempts come to India. A valid medical reason, and legal means of taking back the child to the home country are a pre-requisite for surrogacy in India.

Medical Tourism Corporation facilitates surrogacy in leading clinics in India and around the world. Contact for more information.

投稿者: MedicalTourismCo | 作成日: 2010/03/26
Lnks:Part2 Part3

肝移植 ABC News: Medical Tourism. First US Liver Transplant India(YouTube)

2011. . 13
Medical Tourism【インド・India】
アメリカのテレビ番組「ABC News」が、インドで初めて行われるアメリカ人の肝移植についてのニュース。
Medical Tourism account of Kevin Stewart and Jo-Ann Hall, First Americans to have a liver transplant done in India. Surgery was arranged by WorldMed Assist: www.worldmedassist.com and performed by Dr. Subash Gupta of Apollo Hospital New Delhi. The story shows the potential that medical tourism or Global Health Care Abroad has.

◆ABC News: Medical Tourism. First US Liver Transplant India
投稿者: WorldMedAssist | 作成日: 2007/11/17

先端整形外科手術 Advanced surgeries Americans prefer Wockhardt Hospital India(YouTube)

2011. . 12
Medical Tourism【インド・India】
Visit whosp.com - Popular TV Show Healthline examines why American patients in good numbers are now flying to India to get advanced surgeries done at Harvard Medical Associated Wockhardt Group Hospitals in India. Wockhardt hospitals are now undoubtedly remarkable milestones in the medical map of Asia. State of the art facilities equipped with latest technology and truly World class Clinical Talent dedicated to the whole range of Cardiac, Orthopedic, Neurosciences and Minimal Access Surgery. 43 million people in the US are without health insurance and the number is growing.Some Americans are choosing a different course and taking their healthcare in their own hands and outsourcing it to foreign countries like India, where one can be treated at a fraction prices at the US cost at Wockhardt Hospitals in India.

◆Advanced surgeries Americans prefer Wockhardt Hospital India
投稿者: wockhosp | 作成日: 2008/02/26